For those using a no bark collar for the first time, you might not know what to expect. This is why we strive to not only provide our customers a quality product that they can afford and trust, but we also want to ensure that you have plenty of information so that you will feel comfortable about using the product. Not only will you feel more comfortable during the training process, but these helpful tips will help speed things up.

The First Week of Training
The first time the dog experiences the static corrective response from the collar, he or she will be startled. This is to be expected there is no way to explain this to the dog. Remaining calm when this occurs will tell the dog that it is okay. It will not take long at all for your dog to adapt, and soon the irritating and unnecessary barking will be a distant memory. Once the dog is accustomed to the no bark collar, they will begin to test their boundaries. This testing period usually occurs during the second week of training.

Preventing Setbacks in Training
At the early stages of training, it is important that there are few and if possible no distractions. If there are too many distractions present, then the dog might not be able to make a connection between their barking and the static correction. Once your dog has stopped barking, it is important to continue training. This is because your dog will try to test his boundaries and without continued training, setbacks will occur.

Using Bark Collars with other Devices
To ensure comfort, it is best for the dog to not wear any additional collars while wearing the no bark collar. Never use a metal collar while the dog is wearing the no bark collar. If you want to use a leash while the dog is wearing the no bark collar, it is important to use a separate collar to attach a leash to, but be sure to remove any metal tags that could interfere. Make sure not to add any pressure to the contact points on the no bark collar, as this could irritate the dog’s skin.

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