The short answer is YES! However, some no bark collars have been proven to be more effective than others. A dog’s attention span is quite short and it is important for any training to be effective that the behavior be corrected immediately for the dog to understand. Scolding your dog hours later will only create confusion. Since barking is a form of communication for the dog, yelling at the dog while they are barking is also counter productive. From a dog’s perspective you may just be barking back.

No bark collars have been proven to be an effective tool in training your dog not to bark, because it is programmed to get the dog’s immediate attention when barking. When the dog barks, either a warning sound is heard or a static correction can be felt as the dog wears the collar. Continued barking within 30 seconds of the initial bark will result in a corrective pulse, so to discourage the dog from continuing the behavior. The dog will then learn that when the collar is worn, that barking is not allowed.

If you do not want to use a no bark collar with a static correction, we also carry other training collars. The first alternative is the Ultrasound Collar, which uses a sound that only dogs can hear which will discourage barking. This method is not suggested if you have more than one dog, as the irritating sound can be heard by all dogs. The other alternative uses a citronella spray. The citronella spray is very effective and harmless.

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