PetSafe Bark Collars

PetSafe No Bark Collars are exceptional products from a company with an outstanding reputation for developing products that are beneficial and very safe for your pets. This line of PetSafe no bark collars has a product that will work for you and your pet. They have everything covered so no need goes unmet. Big or Stubborn dogs are covered as well as small frisky dogs. Don’t like the idea of leaving a PetSafe no bark collar on your pet while you’re not there to monitor them? That’s fine; PetSafe has a remote ultrasonic unit for in your home which will emit a noise that only your dog will hear when he/she barks. There is even an outdoor unit which has more range and is ideal for keeping your neighbors yappy puppy quiet when they are away.

  • Customize skin colors
  • For Dogs up to 55lbs
  • "Perfect Bark" technology
  • 10 levels of Light-Touch correction
  • Neck Sizes up to 34"
  • Autotmatic safety shutoff
  • 18 Correction Levels
  • Low Battery Detection
  • Collar Weight is 2 oz.
  • Vibration interupts barking
  • 10 vibration combinations
  • Waterproof
  • 6 Correction Levels
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Great for Timid Dogs
  • 4 levels of operation
  • Detects bark up to 50 feet away
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Convenient remote unit
  • Effective operating range up to 30 feet
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • 25 foot range
  • Activated automatically by bark
  • No Receiver Collar needed
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