PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote Trainer
  • Convenient remote unit requires no receiver
  • Effective for correcting multiple bad behavior patterns; not just excessive barking
  • Trains using a high decibel ultrasonic sound that is undetectable by the human ear
  • Effective operating range up to 30 feet Traning
  • Manual included
  • Works indoors or outdoors
PetSafe PUPT-100 Ultrasonic Remote Trainer
  - PUPT-100
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PetSafe PUPT-100 Ultrasonic Remote Trainer

Package Contents

  • Corrects your pet using a startling ultrasonic sound, inaudible to the human ear.
  • Ideal for correcting: barking, chewing, jumping up, digging, and much more.
  • Convenient remote unit requires no collar-receiver.
  • Positive tone feature reinforces commands without correction.
  • Positive Tone Option for Rewarding Good Behavior
  • Negative Tone Option to Correct Bad Behavior
  • Effective operating range up to 30 feet.
  • Indicator Light
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • For Dogs or Cats
  • FCC Approved.

The PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote Pet Trainer is a small instrument similar in appearance to remote control unit for a television or stereo. The Ultrasonic Remote Pet Trainer is built to help you train your dog. The Ultrasonic Remote Pet Trainer takes advantage of your pet's heightened hear abilities. It projects ultrasonic frequency range sounds that humans are unable to hear. The Trainer has only two basic buttons: One controls the Positive Tone, and rewards good behavior. The other controls the Ultrasonic Tone to encourage corrective behavior. That’s the gist of it! The Remote Pet Trainer has been a great tool for mail carriers and meter readers who sometimes encounter aggressive advances from dogs on their job route.

Unlike other bark control products, the PetSafe PUPT-100 Ultrasonic Remote Trainer is not only to help correct bad barking behavior. It can assist in the modifying other negative behaviors your dog may exhibit. It will also work with cats as well

When your dog learns to associate the unpleasant sound with its misbehavior he or she has will correct the bad behavior. It usually only takes a few corrections for this to begin.

Easy-to-follow manual included. This manual also offers basic obedience training information; the sit, stay, come, heel, down and break commands.

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